Do The Outbreak of New Viruses Scare You? Ozone Treatment Might Be The Answer!

Ozone treatment might just become the new “normal.” Many people are now turning to ozone therapy as it is a natural molecule that offers many health benefits to the human body. It can also disinfect rooms, surfaces, vehicles, and even purify water.

Ozone Explained

When oxygen (O2) is imposed with energy, the two atoms are temporarily split into two individual atoms. These atoms are very unstable and will reform into O2 molecules within fractions of a second. A small percentage of them will unite in a ménage-a-trois known as ozone, consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3). Ozone shares the same amount of electrons that makes O2 stable, which, causes O3 to be very unstable. This instability is what causes ozone to be so powerful to the human body. And that is why remarkable things happen when it is introduced to the human body. It stimulates the mitochondria in your cells ten times better than O2 can to use the oxygen they get more efficiently.

How Is Ozone Generated?

Medical O3 can be generated by passing O2 through a special generator, specially designed for this purpose. An ozone generator consists of a tube, through which oxygen flows. An electrode generates current to break the oxygen molecules into individual oxygen atoms. As explained earlier, these atoms are not very stable and immediately combine back to O2 molecules. Only about 2-3% of them will merge into a triplet of three atoms, causing O3 or ozone to form.

It is important to remember that these ozone molecules don’t last very long due to their instability. Therefore, ozone needs to be used as soon as it is generated. Otherwise, it will fall back to regular oxygen molecules.

What can Ozone Be Used For?

The ozone uses are far too many to list in this article, so we will only list some. It can be used to purify water, treat pain and various diseases, disinfect rooms and vehicles, etc. Our primary focus will be on bacteria and viruses.

Bacterial Effects

Ozone is a powerful germicide and requires only a concentration of a few micrograms per liter to work efficiently. Bacteria affected include E. coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Aeromonas Hydrophilia.

Viral Effects

Due to the physical structure of viruses, they are genetically parasites. They are separated into two families based on their envelope and other components. Viruses containing lipid envelopes are sensitive to ozone treatment. These include the following viruses:

  • Herpes
  • Cytomegaloviruses
  • Epstein-Barr viruses
  • Paramyxoviridae (mumps, measles
  • Orthonyxoviridae (influenza)
  • Rhabdoviridae (rabies)
  • Retroviridae (HIV)
  • SARS-CoV-2 / Coronavirus

The time it takes for ozone to inactivate viruses will vary. For example, in pure water at room temperature and maximal solubility of ozone, echovirus type 29 is inactivated in one minute, poliovirus type 1 in two minutes, poliovirus type 3 in three minutes and poliovirus type 2 in seven minutes.

Importance of Ozone for Our Health

Ozone plays a vital role in increasing the stability of healthy cells in the body. It destroys the infected cells and immature cells, which are deformed and seen as foreign to the body, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.

It is one of the safest forms of medical therapy because it eliminates pathogens and cleanses the bloodstream, which in turn cleans the liver, kidneys, and other organs. By traveling everywhere in the bloodstream, even to the brain, it can and does destroy cancer and AIDS on contact.

Ozone and the Human Body

Ozone can safely be applied to every part of the human body except the lungs. Because they deal directly with oxygen every second of the day, the lungs are intolerant to ozone. But ozone in every other part of the body is safe. When put into the human body, ozone instantaneously interacts with the tissues to form peroxides. Except in a few isolated cases, these various peroxides, not ozone itself, exert all of the health effects that we see with ozone therapy. Collectively, doctors refer to these peroxides as ozonides. Many of these ozonides are relatively stable molecules and can last in the body from days to weeks. Thus, through these peroxides, ozone treatment can continue to exert its effects long after the treatment session.

Advantages of Ozone

Health benefits include:

  • Ozone systemically saturates the host.
  • It purifies all the cells and body systems of patients.
  • It activates the regenerative mechanisms by stimulating our whole cellular (especially the cells of the body organ that are related to significant life support) immunity.
  • It prevents tumors and cancers or highly topically infected areas. In this case, highly concentrated enhanced oxygen is injected into the affected area, tumor, or body.
  • It eradicates chronic and severe medical diseases and conditions, such as HIV/AIDS and various cancers.

Other than the health benefits listed above, other advantages include:

What People Have to Say

..."Medical Ozone works - this is a scientific fact. If we could only remove human ego from the equations, we would leap ahead in removing unnecessary settings on a mass scene and be able to save millions of lives and undue suffering." Professor Peter Jovanovic Ph.D. (Hon.) 2005
..."The doctors and I embarked on a very aggressive course of Medical Ozone modalities in an attempt to save this man’s life. It was touch and go, no two ways about it. The more we applied the protocols, one small improvement, and then another surfaced. After a couple of weeks of ozone therapeutic applications by direct IV injections, Recirculatory Hemoperfusion® combined with ozone insufflations, and hydrogen peroxide baths, Festus was able to move a little. His countenance was better and he started to have a confrontational attitude known to African men. Unsightly, peeled skin was being replaced with fresh, baby like skin. The color of his eyes returned, and one and all joked that this was not really Festus."... From A Story of Festus, an African man with full-blown AIDS


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